2022 Chevy Spark

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One of the lowest priced cars on the market, at first it sounds like one of two things, is it too good to be true, or do you get exactly what you pay for? For a very low price it does really well on the interior and feels nice for the price. That price is only $13,600! The interior might be great but if you are looking for a fast car this one is perfect for in town and quick drives. Not only does the Spark have a low price, it also comes with a variety of color options that you just cannot find on most cars. While it might not be the workhorse you may want, the Spark makes up for it with the price tag and more.

What’s New for the 2022 Spark?

Chevy Spark Technology

The Spark survived ringing in the new year mostly unchanged. Again the most important feature on the Spark remains the price tag. It is one of the lowest priced new cars on the market, cutting out some of its competitors by $1,500 for the lowest trim level. Chevrolet announced it is getting phased out in 2023. This means it is important to purchase a spark while “supplies last”.

Interior of the Chevrolet Spark

Chevy Spark Interior

What really makes the Chevrolet Spark light a fire, pun intended, is the interior. At first when you hear the price tag you might be inclined to think that they have built a really poor interior with cheap parts. This is ANYTHING but true for the Chevy Spark. It might not have the leather interior we all dream of but the plastic interior comes together quite nicely and is extremely pleasing to the eye. While it might seem basic from the exterior, as soon as a buddy enters your car they will be impressed. Speaking of carrying passengers the front seats are comfortable, adding someone to the back seats gets a little bit cramped. The cargo space is small, but should be sufficient for all your needs. This is not a road trip car by any means, but it is the perfect car for getting around town and getting to and from work.

Fuel Economy on the Chevrolet Spark

Chevy Spark on the Road

The Chevrolet Spark performs well on gas mileage, with either transmission options it gets 30 mpg to 35 mpg in town or on the highway. This is perfect for your needs on a daily basis and is another one of the Spark’s top notch features. With its small frame and small engine, this awesome gas mileage will save your wallet especially with the roller coaster gas prices we have been seeing.

What is included in the Spark’s Infotainment Center?

One of our favorite features on the Spark is the strong entertainment center. Even starting on the base model, it features a 7” infotainment center with Apple Carplay and Android compatibility. The speakers are also surprisingly great with the cost of the car being so low. The infotainment center is controlled by touch with a rotating knob for volume and a couple other buttons. It has your standard USB ports and a regular 12 volt outlet as well.

What Does the Chevrolet Spark Have Under the Hood?

Each trim level has a 4 cylinder engine. This engine is built to get great gas mileage, be simple, and get you to and from work with mileage ranging from 30 miles in town to 35 miles on the highway. Its small size also makes this 4 cylinder engine feel pretty powerful. It maneuvers you around town quite well and gets into those smaller spots where normal sedans just do not fit. With every engine comes a manual transmission, or if you would like, you can upgrade to a continuously variable transmission. If you are looking at the Spark for the price tag, the continuously variable transmission is a significant upgrade cost wise so if you do not know how to drive manual this is the perfect time to learn and drive home your 2022 Chevy Spark now.

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